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Omar Alejandro

Mariachi | Opera

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Pacific Opera Project, January 19th

Sir Despard in "Ruddygore"
Lamplighters Music Theater
Feburary 24-25, March 2-3

Gomez in "Zorro"
Opera Santa Barbara, April 19th & 21st

"Omar Rodriquez plays a dashing Phoebus to match Esmerelda’s fiery independence. Together, their chemistry sparks and ignites the fires that make the play so powerful." Santa Cruz Sentinel


    With his operatic singing style and gallant stage presence, Omar Alejandro breathes new life into the mariachi and operatic genres. The California native is quickly establishing himself as one of the region's most versatile solo singers; performing classics from the golden age of Mexican cinema, opera, musical theater, and everything in between.

Known for his multi-genre versatility, Omar’s classically trained voice has taken him around the globe: from The Vatican to Carnegie Hall, and all throughout Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Spain. He has been heard on the operatic stages of Santa Barbara and Boston, the mariachi festivals of California, and even singing back-up for Andrea Bocelli and John Williams.

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